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If this is your first night, you better be willing to fight...

Happy Mothers Day! Do something for your mom!- From the CGclan   Site Updates: The quote section, and clan point section are up and working again! Take a look at the miracles section .    Stocks update: ACMR +, CMX +, UBRN +, SBUX -, HCR - Other News: The Simpsons at 6:00PST at FOX, The Simpsons at 7:30PST on FOX

We are a Black and White clan. This is our website. If you want to join or are interested in the game, read on.

Please e-mail for any requests , joining etc. Hamsterhuey is no longer acive in this site...

To view the sites fourm go to

To view our parthnering development TempleOBAD. click below on the link


New members:
Bordolar- is a Meditated ninja, joined 4-26-02.
Has a full grown (-89.99) evil tiger at -1.00 alighnment
Tylercoville- Incoming member
Monk(nickname)- Is a monk in rank, joined 4-29-02, has a beggining gorrillia, that is slightly good
Landria- Is a monk in ranking, joined 5-5-02, has a non-verified creature, that is in an alighnment of good
Fandria- Incoming Member

Hi. We are a bunch of friends who enjoy playing black and white together. When it came to us " Since we play black and white online why not not join a clan!" We could not find one, so we created one. We are new, so everyone is welcome to join

Enhancements (news)

5-29-02-Oh darn! We havent updated for more than...2 weeks? Well we will be working a lot harder on the website when summer comes :D. We have been extremly Busy with school stuff. Anyway, Bordolar I did recieve Fanderia's application, but I needed more info, so I sent him some questions, and he never e-mailed me back, I will send it again tough. Also Stay tuned, our team is planning to give training lessons, to the users Without a patch We can't do with patch, until we agree with Bordolar, and the other members with the patch. enjoy!

Aiyye Corumba! We have not updated in such a long time, still having difficulties, check out the downloads section, we are planning to have a surprise for our people who visit us!

The updates will really be going down, no matter where the staff is there is always a script error, not until 50megs sends us back an answer :(5-8-02
Their seems to be so many script errors that I have to use the html files from 50megs :(.

The poll has been changed so it has a better apperence, enjoy :D

Check out the Miracles section :)
Update: The Quote, and clan point section, are working again! That was some real hard html to fix..:)


YAHOO!!!: We have been addded to the clan strength project page, that means, we will be gaining more people. Thanks to Hamsterhuey, for submitting the forms!!
Update: We are having some difficultys, including editing to not work well, and photos not appearing, we will try our best to somehow fix this...Do you like the marquee :D

Man! today is a boring day, can't think of anything to wrte...oh well time to play some more bw!

Update: Why not take a look at the photos section of our site? It has some newly added pictures.

I am planning to make a caption contest, worth clan points for the winner!

I feel so isolated, everyone is rejecting my battle invitations because my creature is too large! You cowards? Thats not the point of this clan. Its to battle like heck! Oh, well, more updates coming soon, did you know how Bordolar's name has been spelled 10 diffrent ways :)?

Good News!: HAve you notied how hamsterhuey has not been very active here? It was because his oarents grounded him from the computer, until he got a good grade on his test. Well, today when he said his gettysburg adress( he said it quite well to) he got a 100% giving him a good grade. HAmster huey has been unbanned, and can use the web, and go on-line. Hurrah Hurrah!!!

Looks like TempleOBAD will start moving! Over-kill has agreed to help us out. Hurrah, Hurrah!


While I was here at home stressed to how we have to memorize the Gettysburg Adress at school, I dicided to relaxy here. Any way, I added some graphics. TempleOBAD needs recruitments to help make the site. E-mail us if you want to help!

I was working on this at school, when It came to me that the macs at school don't work verywell (trust me). Anyways, the mailbox has been turned into "the titans", and we are having incoming members, thank you all for joining!

Sorry Bordolar, for spelling your name wrong :D

When I came to update this site, I was amazed at how we had 88 hits. And people are beggining to request to join. Also, in the guest book there are people who are posting blacnk messages to view the guestbook, please use the link I gave, to just view! Thanks!


IMPORTANT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Thx 2 hamster huey who just made us a forum. The url is
At last people are seeing this site! I have gotton 1 e-mail for a request to join! There are some more developments that are going to approach. Pleawse tell people about the site, and please e-mail me if you have any requests etc.

Update: We have a new clan member Please welcome Buldeur! His profil will be added soon!

The site is requesting for people to join. Note that I will most likely ask you to play a online game against you to see where you are.We see that there have been 48 hits! The publisizing has worked! Please, if you want to join e-mail us!
We have new staff members, and the site is progressing extremly well. Note that MiracleFirebll will not be too active in TempleOBAD. We hope to gain more members every day
This site was meant to also contain information on Black and white, but because 50megs has a limited ammount of custom pages, we will create a new one, called TempleOBAD(Temple of Bliss and Distruction).

LARGE ENHANCEMENT: The new site about black and white has been launched. To go there, click the moving exclamation mark to the right, and it will instantly link you to our site!

Note: That certain sections have been removed, and will be put into the new site, replacing these will be the "mailboxs" and "Editorial" Which we hope will enhance the site.

The update is going well. The staff has completed certain sections such as the links, and torture 101. The creature section is being made as we speak.

Update: The Clan section is fully complete. ITs pretty cool take a look!


Looks like the launch of our new clan! The links, and many other web pages are open, and are not blank. Thanks Hamsterhuey for starting the webpage. We hope to improve this even more!

Our Life...
Nothing much except to be bored now...Our life has been pretty lame lately :\
To send us your answer

Picture, and quote, and polls of the week
Everyweek we will have a picture of the week, and a new quote, just to make this web page more exciting!

Picture: "Meet your new best friend, for the rest of your black and white play!"


"There are only 2 yes two things that are infinete, Light, and the ignorence of humans!"

- Anonomouys

The Clan Point Corner

So you wanted to earn some clan points? This section will give you clan activities that will boost your rank (15 points to the next rank).To send us your answer send it to! This weeks contest's are:

Week Puzzle: This puzzle is worth 1 clan point...
What has 2 legs, 3 legs, and 4 legs?

Caption Contest: This puzzle is worth 2 clan points.
Click for the caption contest picture



The Link for caption contest not working out?

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